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    Addison and Sam

    Saturday, March 19, 2016

    My New Years Resolution last year (as in 2015) was to catch up on my blog. Well...it is now 2016 and it is very apparent nothing came of it. How does that saying go? If at first you don't succeed, try, try again?! I ma going to take that to heart and put in a real effort to catch up on this blog. Honestly it's a real treat for me because I get to relive the sessions as I go back through them and prepare them for this website!
    So I can honestly say this session was one I will never forget for two reasons:
    First and foremost, this is my sister and my new brother in law (well, not so new now, but you know what I mean). Addison is my absolute best friend and I look up to her in more ways then I could count. She is incredible and all I can say is that Sam is just about the luckiest guy to ever live- because he truly found the best girl.
    Second: We took these photos up in the mountains when it was literally 20 degrees outside, probably colder in the shadows. I was in full on snow clothes and two pairs of gloves and thought I would freeze to death. Then I look over and realize my sister is wearing a short sleeved wedding dress and I suddenly realize I don't have it so bad. It was so cold, I can't even describe it. Being the amazing person she is, Addison rocked the cold weather and I love how her pictures turned out.

    ps. clearly I haven't blogged in a while, because my logo placement is off and I can't get the formatting right. Let's just pretend it is correct, ok? ;)